Blaine Motsinger



Well rounded software developer with background in quality assurance, system administration, and technical support.

Heavy emphasis on automated testing and tooling. People person. Works best in environments with high expectation of integrity and autonomy.


Frontend Development

Emphasis on simple and clean visual design. Can build in vanilla technologies as well as frameworks.

  • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Perl
  • Bootstrap, jQuery, Dancer2, CGI::Application, Template Toolkit, Handlebars, Javascript (Node and Express), Mason
  • Testing with superagent, WWW::Mechanize, Selenium
Backend Development

Design and maintenence of high performing APIs, data layer models, scripts and automation.

  • Perl, Javascript (Node and Express), Bash (shell scripting)
  • Moo, Dancer2
  • MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, Postgres
  • Testing with Test::More, superagent
Quality Assurance
  • Professionally trained and certified through ISTQB
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, Automated Testing, Regression Testing
  • Writing and maintaining test plans and automated testing libraries
  • Setup and maintenance of automated testing platforms for repos
System Administration

Server building, automation, monitoring, migration, and administration with a wide array of technologies.

  • Linux, CentOS, Debian, Apache, Lighttpd, Postfix, Dovecot, Exim, Spamassassin, PHP, MySQL, Bind, cPanel, Bash, systemd, crontab, Git (server)
  • AWS, EC2, S3, Vagrant
  • AWS CloudWatch, Nagios
Agile and Scrum Development Workflow

4+ years working on a development team in a scrum environment.

  • Agile, Scrum, JIRA, Request Tracker, Request Tracker for Incident Response
Development Tools
  • Advanced skills with Git
  • Writing custom policies in Perl::Critic
  • Setup and use of jslint/eslint policies


Software Engineer, Best Practical Solutions (2019-02 — Present)

Multi discipline software development and system administration for popular open source web application on a small distributed team.

  • Customer sponsored feature and custom RT extension development, direct product support, and maintenance development for 20 year old codebase.
  • Building, upgrading, and migration for customer servers including Apache, Postfix, MariaDB/Postgres, and custom RT code.
  • Full stack development; frontend, backend, and system administration/design.
  • Rewrote AWS AMI automation for building instances for in-house BPS hosting.
  • Converted both products (RT and RTIR) to Bootstrap 4.
Perl Developer II, cPanel (2016-11 — 2019-02)

Mid-level software developer for internal systems.

  • Full lifecycle development of in-house software for billing, licensing, customer portal, and APIs, supporting cPanel's enterprise partner accounts.
  • Rewrote the departmental linter and initiated policy plans for departmental team development workflows.
  • Participated in initial departmental standards team initiative.
Quality Assurance Analyst, cPanel (2014-11 — 2016-11)

Bug finder and advocate for quality in an agile (scrum) environment.

  • Wrote, ran, and maintained automated tests and test plans for team responsible features in cPanel/WHM.
  • Functional testing within a scrum team workflow.
Technical Analyst II / Migration Specialist, cPanel (2012-04 — 2014-11)

Technical support and migrations for enterprise partner's cPanel servers.

  • Planned and migrated hosting servers from other control panels to cPanel/WHM.
  • Wrote and maintained departmental scripts to assist in troubleshooting common issues and automating migrations.
  • Contributed to internal documentation and troubleshooting guides.
Technical Product Specialist, cPanel (2011-04 — 2012-04)

Technical sales, training, enterprise partner customer relationships, and representing cPanel at conferences in the US and abroad.

Web Developer, Render Orange, LLC (2009-11 — 2013-10)

Owned and operated, full service web development company.

  • Custom web development and hosting, project planning and collaboration with contract designers and marketing professionals.
  • Accepted into and graduated University of Northern Iowa business incubator.


  • North Iowa Area Community College (2005-08 — 2007-12)
  • University of Northern Iowa (2010-07 — 2011-04)


Notable Projects

Sharable, encrypted, ephemeral pastebin.

Pasteburn is a web application for encrypting and sharing secret content.


Pluggable lint framework for git, written in Perl.


Tools for downloading, parsing, exporting, and importing data from the official Data Spreadsheet for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • Exports data from xlsx to a serialized format in json
  • Creates database schemas in sqlite3 and json
  • Imports serialized data from serialized json to sqlite3 database